Sharing some of my faves - part 1 MUSIC

I'm lacking ideas for posts at the moment, since nothing special is going on in my life right now xD Haha .

Well, so I thought I should do a 'Here are some of my favorite ____" post. I thought it could be quite fun :3

And yeah this will be part 1, 'cause if I put it all in one post, it will be super long and boring :p

So I will start out with music :3

As you might have noticed I'm a HUGE K-pop and J-pop fan. I just can't get enough of it!

My favorite K-pop boy group is SHINee <3

I also absolutely love BIGBANG ! <3

Then of course there's SNSD <3

That was K-pop :p

My favorite Japanese group is Perfume ! <3

Then I love love love Nishino Kana <3 But there are like no videos of her songs on Youtube, so can't really post them xD

There are soooo many more artists and singers that I love, but I think I'll stop here ^^

See ya <3


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