Birthday !

Yeah, I have a lot to cover in this post :p (That's what happens, when I don't blog for almost a week) Haha, but here you go!

I had my birthday last Friday, and I had a lovely day! <3

My mom went to my work to get breakfast, so we all ate together in the morning, and I got some presents too ^^

Later Hannah, my mom and I went to Strøget and got café latte at the Royal Cafe. It was a very cute café, and I want to go there again! :D

Delish Latte!
My sister and I at the cafe. Don't like this picture of me that much though xD The shirt I'm wearing was Hannah's b-day present for me :D

We also went to Runde Tårn, which is a tower built by Christian the 4th. You can see almost all of Copenhagen from the top of the tower ^^

Hannah and mom^^

The view is very pretty! But the weather was kindda sucky on my b-day xD Well, it is fall after all :p It's prettier in the summer time!

I also bought some clothes, including this faaab faux fur jacket from ZARA :


I also bought 2 pairs of pants and a T-shirt, but I don't have any pictures of it yet. Or the things I got for my B-day xD I'll make sure to take some soon! >.<

Well, later on Astrid came over <3 We first went to Hoppes' (our café :p), and she gave me her present <3 I got a beautiful shirt from H&M and THIS!


This is a collage with pictures of the two of us throughout our friendship! I started tearing up, when I saw this. This means so much to me, and so do you Astrid <3 You are the best friend ever, and I couldn't ask for more. Love you bby ! <3

I ended the day with a night out with Astrid, Anja, Alexander and some of his friends. :) I had the best time, and it was definetly a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone for being a part of it with me :)

Now there's under a year to I turn 20! FML I'm getting old xD



  1. Congrats!! :D
    And I don't think you're old at all...

  2. Thank you sweetie :3
    No maybe not, but 20 is just something very special I think


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