mandag den 22. november 2010

Weekend full of stuff

My soulmate A-babe and I went to our friend Camilla's place this Friday. Cam was our other best friend from class, besides each other, and we haven't seen her since we ended high school, because she's been really busy with moving in with her bf and work. T___T

But now we found the time to do a sleep-over, and it was so much fun! :D

My super delishhh food! The girls loved it xD

Cam <3

Saturday Astrid came over to my place to cheer me up <3 We went out later as well xD As usual :p Haha. Almost all the pics from that night is fugly, so I'll just show you this one :

Yesterday I remembered that I had these lashes:

M.A.C. number-something-I-don't-remember xD

Well, I love them <3

The Lanvin for H&M collection hit the stores today, and I'm dying to get the yellow dress! Keep your fingers crossed for me ~

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