Fun weekend ~

I had a very nice weekend ~ Astrid and I went to watch Harry Potter 7 on Friday, and we were so excited xD

I was never a Harry Potter fan before I watched the movies, but now I'm so hooked :p I love the movies and the story ! I have never read the books though, and I don't think I ever will xD When it comes to reading I'd much rather read stuff like manga, magazines or books about Japan and its culture ^^ Haha xD

Well, after we watched it we went to my place. We got something to eat, and then we went to A-bar. It's a pretty cool place, and they have 2 different "clubs", or areas. One where you can play pool and listen to music from the 80's and 90's, and one room, where they play the popular music, there's a club atmosphere and a dance floor ^^ Guess where we spent most of our time ? :p

A picture of me and my baby <3 I'll show you the outfit too, but I need to find a great pic first xD

Today was the first Advent Sunday, and my sister and I got the 2 first seasons of Scrubs on DVD! :D Omg, I love Scrubs so much ! It's so freaking funny xD

And I hope that my new blog design will be up soon ~

(P.S I've noticed how there are NO comments on my SHINee ranting posts xD Haha, guess you're not fans of them :P But I'm still gonna do them ! <3)


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