Living in a SHINee world ~

Haha, I love that title xD

But I thought that it was a fitting title for this post, as I'm going to show you my latests orders from eBay (which all, except of one item, are SHINee related)

The first thing I ordered were my hair extansions, but I'll show you pictures of them, when I get them :3

Then, here are the SHINee goods :

- A SHINee phonestrap,
- SHINee's official 2010 Wall Calendar
- A lot of stickers and photocards
- A SHINee notebook

And probably the things I'm the most excited about : The Key goods !! <3 It's a phootbook, DVD anda lot of other things as well, with Key ONLY ! All the Key items are from his official Korean anclub, and are made by fans. I think that's really cool :D

I hope this wasn't a boring post, but I can't help being a fangirl xD Haha

( Oh, and sorry for the placement of the pictures in this post, I didn't know it looked so weird :( )


  1. I got too busy, so i couldn't come here~
    they are so cute~ hope u'll get them soon. & ah~ they key goods are really pretty just like him <3

  2. That's okay :3 And I'm sorry for not commenting on your blog, but I can'r find the comment section -.- But it's nice to know, that you like SHINee too <3 And a belated happy birthday ~


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