~ Back for New Years ~


So now, I'm home!! ただいま~

I've been in Sweden for Christmas, and I had a very nice time, and I got some really nice presents :3

And now I'm just waiting for New Years Eve! I'm going to celebrate with a lot of friends, and we're going to have the best time! I can't wait!

I really feel the cold coming now. -.- I don't dislike winter and I really like December, but when it starts to get colder in January and February, I just wish for it to become Spring right away! I'm a summer girl I guess :P Haha..

Well, for a tiny manga update, I bought NANA vol 16 and B.O.D.Y. vol. 1 yesterday! I love both series, and it's great to add more to my collection ! ^^
I also bought a new skirt yesterday and a new pair of fake eyelashes! Yay ~ Time to look dazzling!

And another thing that I'm very exited about is this.....

Isn't it just the cutest?? I really like that Tsuji is making so many things and that she is being a very active idol! :3 But better is that I ordered this today :

Yaaay!!! I'm so happy to have orderd this, and what better is, it will only cost me 1070 yen to buy AND ship it!! That's around 60 DKK and around 11 USD!!! Yaay! I finally get my hands on some Tsuji merchandise :3 I'm sooo happy!

And my clothes fromyesstyle.com was shipped out on Chirstmas eve, so that will be arriving soon too!! And tomorrow I will go buy a curling iron!! I'm using way too much money at the moment haha xD But it's not on worthless stuff, right? :p

That's it for now!

~ Zarah deshita / ザラでした~


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