Yes style~ <3

Hello everyone :3

So are you enjoying December? I definetly am ^_^~

I will start buying christmas presents soon! And also I'm going to do some shopping for myself too! My friend and I decided to try online shopping, and the first thing that came to my mind was ''. And surprisingly enough, my friend really likes the site now!

So here are some of the items I have my eyes on :

First is this really cute hoodie from Taiwanese brand YUMI! I tend to fall for items with stripes and pom-pom's at the moment, so this fits perfectly with what I want >w<

Next is this adorable striped dress! It's also from YUMI. I really love the bow in front, and I have a weakness for black and white, striped items o.o <3

Then there's this absolutely cute over-sized shirt/dress from Elli's Cabinet! I think it looks a lot like the dress from YUMI, but I really have a thing for things with the following things : Black and white, stripes, bows. Haha , I really can't help it :p

I could show you a lot more items, but I don't want this post to be a novel xD Haha.. I will post some pictures with me wearing the items when I get them! I really can't wait >w<

And now for the manga corner. I'm reading Ouran High School Host Club at the moment, and it's a blast! xD It's so much fun!! I can't stop reading it! All the characters are so amazing, and I love them all <3 But I have to say that the twins are my favorites! But the rest are really close to being my favorites too ^_^ Watch out Hitachii~n <3

Last, but not least, a little music update. I got a lot of new songs this weekend, the majority being K-pop. I will write more about this later :3

C ya!



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