Many updates!!

Waah~ I love Japan ^-^
And what more, I found a special word today.
It's.... Japanophile! Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and all things Japanese. One who has such an interest or love is a Japanophile
Haha, so that's what I am ^_^

Oh, and yesterday my sister bought Shugo Chara vol 7! It's so good!
Have you read it? ^_^ I really like it <3 And I love Ikuto! :3 He's so cute <3

And today I found out something amazing! The new Hangry and Angry album will be released here in Denmark from the 6th of November!! It's so amazing!! And it's the day after my 18th birthday, plus it's the day J-pop starts! (J-pop is a convention about Japanese pop culture held in Copenhagen each year in November)
This will be a very special day ^_^ I can't wait! <3

And now for my pupe , here she is !
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

I really love the new items in Katharine shop! I already bought seven =3= They are just soooo cute!!


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