Ballerinas and boots

Hey hey hey~

So, I went shopping with my sister last Friday. Originally we were out to get a microphone, but the shop assistant said, that I needed aomething else too in order for it to work with my computer and such. So instead, I ended up buying shoes ^^

I really love these! They are so adorable ^^ I can't wait to wear them, but the weather has to get a little warmer in order for me to do so! They are from Friis & Co.

I also got this dress from H&M:

I really love the color and the print! Plus, I'm still not over the maxi-dress trend from last year, so I'm glad it's still in ^^

I also got these boots last weekend:

They were on sale in Monki, and I had my eyes on them before, so I just had to get them xD

I can't wait for spring!


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