A day with sis ~

Last Sunday was Hannah's birthday! :D
I gave her a lot of Taemin stuff, so she was super happy! ^^
We went to Fredensborg Castle the same day. It's been a while since we last were there, and it was also a lot of fun to have Esther along <3

Hanging out with Christian 4th

Today Hannah and I went out shopping. After that we went to McD. I don't care how disgusting their food is, it's like, SUPER DELICIOUS! *feels super ugly* LOL

LOL, we had a very nice day~ XD <3

And I'm currently spazzing out over this video of Key. 1) He's super cute, adorable and PERFECT. I really love that haircolor on him btw! And 2) We're preparing the next album now



Okay, so it might just be their Japanese debut album, which will mean, Japanese version of Lucifer, but I will be okay with that too! BUT, if it really is another comeback (it surely is time for a new comeback!!!!), I will be super excited and HAPPY! This is the first time I get to experience a comeback, while being such a big (and obsessed) fan as I am!

Oh btw, the 4th teaser for Banjak5's Lucifer will be up tonight! So stay tuned ;D


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