Nice weekend ~


Did you all have a nice weekend? I definetly did :3

I spent a lot of time with some of my best friends this weekend, and it was so nice! <3

Friday evening Astrid came over. We sat in my kitchen, talking for a couple of hours. It was so much fun, and it was really nice to be with her. It's been a while since we last did something like this, so I'm so happy we did it :3 <3

Then Saturday I went to Maria's place. We sat out on her terass (if that's even how you spell it/say it. I was too lazy to look it up). The weather was wonderful! It was so warm outside :3 ~

Here's a picture of Maria <3 She didn't want me to put it up, since she's wearing no make-up, but you almost can't tell!

Today I went to Langelinie PArk with my sister and Lina. We later went to our place and made a delicious lunch! We made rice, omelet and fried potatoes and carrots! It was very good :3

Now it's back to school tomorrow. I want it to be weekend again xD It ends so fast.

Oh and I tried out this amazing make-up tutorial today. It was a Kumicky inspired tutorial, so I had to try it out ^^ Here are some pics of the final result:

And here's the video I used:

See you~



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