Home Again

Hello ~

I'm finally home from a long week in Sweden.
It was nice to relax and all, but a week in a house in the middle of the woods can be a little too boring. We spent most of the time in the house, but we did go on some trips. We spent almost a whole day on Öland. We went to this big old ruin called 'Borgholm'. It was really amazing to see!

Then the day after we went to Kalmar, which is the biggests city in our area. We had to drive for about an hour to get there, but it was worth it since we had a great day, and I was able to do some shopping! :3

I bought a hat from H&M, a nailpolish from Make Up Store and a lipstick from Make Up Store. (Pictures will come)
We also saw a moose!! It was so cool! It's the 3rd time I see one IRL so I always get so excited when it happens.

Other than that nothing happened, but it was a nice and relaxing vacation. Now it's back to school. I have 3 midterm tests this week and a geography-Saturday, but I don't have any classes Friday, so that's when I will relax :3

When I got home to check up on updates and so on I found out that Perfume released a new song! I'm so happy to see this! There's only a preview of the PV, but it's so cool!

The song is called 'Fushizen na Girl'. It can be either 'Unnatural Girl' or 'Artistic Girl' I think. Well, here's the preview:

I will make another post with some picures from my vacation. Now I will go read Death Note xD Yeah, I'm reading it again :3



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