Books ~

Hello everyone~

So yeah, I'm doing a post about books this time!

We got our 'Blue Books' at school today! :D Yaay! I've been looking forward to this <3

The Blue Book is like a yearbook, where the people from your class write some things about you. The things they write are first hand impression, typical me, what would she/he bring to a desserted island, future and 'we will remember you for..'

Then it's made into one book, and we have some memories of each other :3
It's fun to see what people think of you and there were some pretty funny things about me in there (even though I did expect most of it xD)

Some og the things were:
First hand impression:
When we first met you,you seemed like a shy and quiet girl, but when we got to know you better it showed that you are a girl who's always ready for some fun, and that you ALWAYS have something to tell

Typical me:
Talk about JAPAN! Always coming with an irritated comment about how it can be that normal people, who don't study Japanese, can't pronounce the word TOSHIBA.

There are so much more, but this post will be too long if I write it all down >.<

Now the other book I'm religiously reading at the moment is: "The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook" - 1800 Sentences for Everyday Use. I LOVE IT <3 It comes with a CD so that you can put all the sentences on your iPod or a CD player, and the you can learn Japanese on the go xD

Sorry for the crappy quality >.<"

~Bye~ <3


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