TVXQ splitting up for good? :'(

Hey everyone!

Are you enjoying the weather? Copenhagen is a sunny place at the moment :)

But even though the weather is wonderful, it doesn't change the fact that TVXQ temporarely stopped their group activities in Japan :'(

I know this have been up for a while, but I didn't hear anything about it until yesterday, and can I just tell you how sad I am? And the fact that Jaejoong, Xiah and Yoochun are forming a trio under Avex Trax doesn't make the future for them look more promising.
On one hand I'm really happy for the three of them, and they have all my support, but it just won't be the same without Changmin & Yunho.

Well, it is only temporarely, so there is a chance (no matter how small it may be) that they will group up again in the future, but as it looks now it might not happen. :(

It's sad to see this happen after they gained so much popularity in Japan this year. Their 29th single 'Break Out!' got platinum, and their '2010 Best Collection' received double plainum with over 500.000 copies sold.

I have very mixed feelings about this whole thing. It really just ruined my mood.

So how about you guys? Are you a fan as well, and how do you feel about this?

I hope my next post will be a little happier, so see you then.



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