Buys ~

Shoes: Bought in Nørregaard på Srøget
The rest: H&M


Hannah and I went to Langelinie park since there's Sakura Festival or Hanami this weekend. Unfortunately the flowers haven't bloomed yet, so there was not much to see actually. We're going there again tomorrow though :3

So we went to Strøget to do some shopping! We got the money from our mothers' husband xD Yesterday he (finally) returned from London. As you might know, all planes were canceled because of the vulcano dust in the air, and his was no exception. Originally he was supposed to buy the Lady Gaga lipstick from MAC for me, but it's sold out all over the world >.< So instead he bought some 'I LOVE LONDON' T-shirts, but they were waaaaay too small xD Because he felt bad we got money and went out to buy some stuff of our own :3
And here's what I bought:

Under eyes lashes from MAC
Belt from Pieces
Shirt/Dress from Pieces
Jacket from H&M

I really love everything I got :3
Do you like it??



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