7 Day Challenge

Hello ~

Remember I said something about a 7 day challenge?
Well, here's some more info on it.

I saw these pictures in the March issue of Zipper magazine and it caught my interest.

So basically this challenge is about choosing 8 pieces of clothing (not including shoes, bags and accessories) and to use only these items to create your outfits for a whole week. I really think it sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm definetly going to do it! I haven't chosen what pieces of clothes I want to use yet, but I will do it before the week is out so I can start my challenge on Monday.

Of course I will have some rules.
1 - I can't wear the same outfit twice
2 - There can't be more than two dresses
3 - There can't be more than three bottoms
4 - I can't wear the same item 3 days in a row

These are the rules I've come up with for now. I will update with the last deails soon! Please check it out when I start :3



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