~ Sad, sad, sad ~


Yesterday I went to my last Japanese lesson of this season.
Notmally this wouldn't be sad, because I used to get back the next year.
But this time I'm getting too old to continue (can you believe 18 is getting too old? xD)
Well, the place I'm going is a place for people under the age of 18, and when I started this season I was 17, so therefore I was able to continue.

It's just weird to stop after 3 years. I will miss it a lot. I will miss the other girls (we were only girls in my class), I will miss learning it and I will miss my teacher.

But yesterday was a nice lesson. We watched 'Okuribito' or 'Departures' as the English title is, and we bought a lot of Pocky and Hi-chu, so we had a nice time!

So now, if I'm lucky, I will start on university after this summer! I hope I get in!
My teacher told me that he's sure I'm going to make it! アナス先生ありがとうございます!



  1. Aww~~ SNSD! OwO~ Hvor finder du ud af hvornår sangene kommer?! ><;


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