~ Exciting news ~


Yesterday I went to see my old choirs concert.
As some of you may know, I went to Sankt Annæ in grade school, and therefore I was also in the choir. Now my sister is in the choir and they had a concert yesterday!

It was so beautiful <3 Even though it was only the younger girls (6th & 7th grade) it was still amazing <3 It was so nostalgic and my eyes go teary so many times! I really had to hold it in! It really brought back a lot of memories, and it made me missn the time when I was in the choir. But Hannah is so good <3 Great job sis!! (^^~

Today when I got home my sponge curlers had arrived with the mail!
I'm gonna try them tonight after my bath.

I also met up with Maria today, and I got the best news!!

Maria is moving into her older brothers old apartment and originally she was supposed to move there with another friend of hers.
I told her that I was looking for a place to live, and she said that if it didn't work out with her friend, I could move in there in her place.

So, today Maria told me that her friend wasn't going to move in with her anyways, so I'm moving in with her!!

Can you believe this? This is so perfect! I'm moving in a few months and the apartment is here in Copenhagen, so I won't be moving out of the city!
I'm so excited!!! I will write more about the adress and so later, but Maria couldn't remember the adress, so I don't know it either! I'm so happy now!

That was my exciting news! Yaay~ (^_^) <3<3<3

Now I will hit the kitchen where my mom is making a delicious fruit salat!

And here at last a quick snapshot:



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