~ Home Sweet Home ~

Hello everyone~

Did you have a nice weekend?

I just came back from Sweden, and it's good to be back. There was so much snow up there! I hope it's gone by the time we get there again.

Well, nothing exiting happende this weekend really, but a weird thing did happen though. I got a message from a number I don't know, and it just saif 'Hi'. So I wrote back asking who it was, and later I got a message saying ' Hi Tom smiles'. That was so strange! (o.o)
Well, the person didn't write again and better not! It creeps me out (>.<)

When I checked my email inbox I got some good news! My lenses are ordered and shipped, and they will arrive here in 7-14 days (^^~ I can't wait to get them!!

That was a short update for now~
Oh and by the way my blog now got over a 1,000 views! Yay~



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