~ Easter Holiday ~


It's Easter holiday! Finally (^^~
I'm going to Sweden tomorrow, and I'll stay there untill Monday. I think it's a litte long, but I think I'll actually enjoy it.

So I won't be able to blog for a whole week, even though there won't be much to write about anyway.

But before I leave I have a lot to tell you guys ~

First up, I went out with Maria last night. I love going out with her! It's so much fun, and we did have a nice night. I got to meet her friend Magda (which I really like! You're so sweet :3) and her friend Jørgen which is also very sweet. We had a great time, and we got to talk to some pretty nice boys. I got to talk to a guy, who was pretty cool. He seemed like a gentleman and all, but later that turned into obnoxious. He was just too drunk I guess :3

Okay, next thing on the program is: Tutorials
I'm thinking of doing some hair tutorials. I'm pretty confident in my hairstyling abilities, and I think it could be fun. What do you think? Yes or no?

Then at last I just wanted to post this picture:

My adorable sister

I love you Esther!

I'll be back on Monday!



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