~ English Assingment : Write your own blog ~


Yeah as the headline says we have to write our own blog post.
It can be on any topic and it has to be 1 page.
I'm really excited to do this actually, and I think it's going to be fun.

Another thing, I'm wearing my lenses right now! I still haven't got the chance to take a descent picture, but I will later :3

And now for something completely different. Today I got a message from Maria. She asked me to go to her and her parrents' place to talk about all this with the apartment and so on.
I'm getting a little worried about this, but on the other hand it's nice to finally get some more information about it. I'm really looking forward to move away from home! But I really need a job!!! That's my only problem now..



  1. Whooho, that's a nice assignment!

    Looking forward to your lense review ^^
    And good luck with moving out and getting a job :D :D Yaay *dances*


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