~ Obsessions & expectations ~

Hello everyone~

I meant to update yesterday, but I didn't have the time, so sorry guys.

First up, I went to that Beauty event in Magasin that I told you about, but I have to say, that I wasn't impressed.
Maria and I left after about, 30 minutes maybe? It was quite boring, and I had expected a lot more. And even the goodie bag was a disappointment. I don't know why (maybe because it was a beauty event), but I thought the goodie bag would have some make-up in it, but it was a skin tonic and an on-the-go cleanser.
But one thing was nice about it though. I bought some great lashes from MAC! Lash number 7. They are so georgous!
I think all this shows that expectations can be bad.

Lately I've been very into Korean boy groups! I especially love this song:

Heartbeat by 2PM. It's so good! I keep watching this video, and the song is so good! I really like the rap/spoken parts in the start because they are kind of unusual. And not to mention the amazing choreography! And how hot they are xD

Do you like them as well? Or does something else obsess you at the moment?(^^~

I'll be up with another post very soon! Maybe later tonight actually. We'll see!



  1. The one that also did that breakdancing in the end... He has kinda long hair, so when dancing in the chorus it looks as if he if furiously swinging his head, haha.

  2. Yeah I noticed that as well! It looks really funny


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