~ Beauty Event ~


I saw Maria today! We went to Café Norden and had a great time :3 After that we also went to Magasin because she had to buy her mom a birthday present. When we got there, there was this pretty nice shop assistent who helped us out, and the she informed us about the beauty event this Thursday. It's an event where Gun-Britt will come and give tips about hairstyling, the international Lancôme make-up artist will come and give tips on make-up, and the best thing of all, we get a goodie bag! I love those goodie bags :3 And I love make-up!

The tickets look so cute

Here's my outfit for today:

I'm sorry for the weird/awkward pose

It's pretty simple, but that's because I don't have many things that go with my new onepiece yet >.<

Also, I'm currently in a SNSD craze! I've been listening to their music all day! I really like their latest album 'Oh!'. Especially 'Star Star Star' and 'Show Show Show'.



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