~ Lenses before and after ~


I got a request on Youtube on my Lenses Review video to do a 'before and after' post, since there are none in the video. I thought that was a great idea, so that's what I'm going to do!

First a before picture:

As you can see my eyes are light green.

Here's a picture with Geo Nudy Green Lenses:

My eye color gets more intense and my irises look bigger. It definetly gives that cute vibe, and I like it a lot! Sorry for saying this, but it looks so cute (^^~

And here's a picture of the Dueba Dolly Black lenses:

My mom said I look like someone from a manga with these lenses on! Haha that's great xD Well, other than that, I really love these lenses! Again they make my irises look bigger and cuter, and I absolutely love the result!

I think that both pairs make my eyes look different and cuter! I will soon post before and after pictures with the two other pairs I received.

Which pair do you like better?



  1. that's very odd (in a good way). In fact, results very well on you. good job.


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