Hualien Day 2 - Whales and Earthquake

One of the reasons Hualien is such a popular tourist city is because they offer the opportunity to sail out and see whales. That was also our main reason for going there! :) So we did!

At the port waiting for the boats to sail.

My man looking so sexy ohoho

There was a LOT of people sailing with the boats. There was 4 boats out, each with room for probably 30-40 people. And the company sails out 5 times (or more , can't remember) everyday! It's good business!

Sailing!! :D

Looking super good in his life vests! ;)


It was so much fun sailing around, and everyone was super excited for the whales!

And this was what we saw!!! :D 

Googled them and found out they are named harbour porpoise in English (marsvin in Danish).
It was really exciting to see them :D But actually Hua and I had expected to see bigger whales haha.

I took a lot of pictures of them, but it's hard to seem them on the pictures D:

After sailing we went for some lunch. Found a small shop and had some delicious noodles! 

It's kins of like a street kitchen with an attached restaurant in the back. There are so many of these around in both Taiwan and China. And probably in the rest of Asia too. 

Our chef haha

My noodles! So good *O*

Hua also had noodles and then beef stomach. (He loves it!)

After lunch we went to the Ocean Park in Hualien, but it was super disappointing! :(
Didn't even bother to really take any pictures since it was so boring. The only fun things in there was the water slide and the seals. There was a dolphin show later on the day, which probably was fun too, but we were super tired and it was extremely hot that day, so we ended up spending less than an hour inside.

Seal :)

Nap time after the ocean park! It was really needed!! We were so tired we didn't wake up before around dinner time!

We drove out to find a place to eat and found a really good restaurant! They only make grilled things! All on sticks!

You kind of get an idea of the interior in this picture, but the light was very dim, so it was hard to get good pictures :/

Some decoration. Hua says it's traditional Chinese opera costumes. It's called Jingju.

Now, food pictures.
Beef! This was super good!!

Chicken :)

Mushrooms, also super good!

Spring onions wrapped in bacon. It was actually really good, but the spring onions were almost raw inside, so it was a very strong taste!! :/

Hua's fish hehe :)

And baby corns!! SUUPER delicious!! :) 

Went to the night market again that night. We had delicious ice cream and I won two teddies xD

And this guy rocking the basketball game!! Hua and I also played this a lot, it's super fun! :D

We bought some watermelon crushed ice and went to drink it by our scooter when suddenly we felt the earth shake! St first I thought it was the car that drove by , but Hua said it was an earthquake! :O It wasn't a very big one, but still a bit scary. We drove home to our room after and later we felt to more quakes!! :O We looked it up the day after and the biggest one was 4,7 on the Ricther scale! 

Now ending this post with a picture of me in my way too big helmet. I have such a small head! :O


  1. That last picture is so cute XD hahaha. Hope you guys are okay !


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