Last day in Taipei - Wu Fen Pu and yummy food!

Here is the last post on our week in Taiwan! (I'm so behind with this trip haha)

So after taking the train back from Hualien to Taipei we went to check in to the same hostel we stayed in before. Only this time it took a really long time to get a hold of the host to actually check us in, so we decided to eat some lunch first. We found this place with good noodles and some delicious dumplings! 

Again this day we were really tired. Maybe we used up all our energy that week? We didn't really know what to do after eating our food,so we went back to our room and Googled! After some research we decided to go to Wu Fen Pu. 

It's an area with over 100 shops crammed into small streets. They had so many things there, but I ended up buying nothing! I didn't have that much cash left and was too tired to actually shop. This place takes some will since most of the shops looks like this (picture below)

There's a limited amount of clothes on the walls and the all these bags on the floor with clothes in them. (Picture from Google).

A look down the streets. 

Scooters all over!

After walking around a bit we just went back to the area around our hostel Also went to qSquare where I bought a pair of pants (don't have a picture yet).

For dinner we went to another place where the table is a big frying pan!! :)

We ordered some mushrooms. I didn't like them os much though :(

Hua ordered scallops :)

And I orderes beef. And I tell you, this beef was SO SO yummy! Super soft and juice. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! *O* 

After the delicious food it was dessert time! So went to 7-11 to buy my (new) favorite ice cream. Melona!

This is also so freaking good. I miss it so much! Can't find it anywhere in China, and I'm pretty sure I will never find it in Denmark. Would go back to Taiwan just for this !

Went back to qSquare because I wanted to try some of the cakes I had seen in one of their shops xD

Cute logo :)

Bought a Hello Kitty cupcake! Mostly because it looked cute, but it actually tasted okay. Nothing special though.

Also bought a strawberry cheesecake. Or at least that was what it was supposed to taste like. This was super bland and a bit yucky :/ Only good thing was the strawberry! 

More snacks! :) We found these Doraemon cakes in 7-11! Actually not bad :)

And lastly my new fave chips. I LOVE THESE!! But again, not available in Denmark T^T

So that was all the posts from Taiwan! Will do a round-up post about my experience here at some point :) But overall it was AMAZING !

Next post: Going yo Guangzhou! 

See you :D


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