Beihai - Beach time, mega sunburned and more relaxing

Yet another wonderful day in Beihai :) Well, it starts out like that, but later on it becomes more or less a living hell because of MEGA sunburn. You'll see!

So since this is quite a while ago now, I don't remember if we ate breakfast at home or out haha. But we went out for noodles before going to the beach!!

Saying hi to the neighbor's turtle! I named one of them after my mom haha. They are funny animals :)

We went to a place really close to his father's house. The noodles were not so much my taste. Didn't like the soup, but Hua really liked it, so it was worth it :)

And this is the last picture of me before I turn into a tomato! :o

Hua's noodles with pig intestine.

And I got noodles with duck. And I actually found a duck tongue in it too! It was a bit gross :/

Sometimes when Hua eats spicy food, he gets a lot of mini sweat drops on his face. I think it's so cute! :)

Aaaaand then we headed to the beach! We made a pit stop on the way to buy some ice cream :)

It was really good! :D

Alright, so there will be no pictures from the beach since I locked my phone inside our scooter. I didn't feel it was safe enough to put my bag with my phone on the beach with no one to watch it, so it's a bit of a shame, but safety first! I do have a picture from last year though :)

This sculpture is one of Beihai's landmarks and is placed by their silver beach.

So after bathing and splashing around in the big waves for a while we drove home. And stupidity hits here. Forgot to put on sunblock after being in the water. So we drove home in the sun without sunblock and bare shoulders. I couldn't feel the sunburn so much yet though. So we went out for some more food

We went to a place that we also frequently visited last year since they make my favorite noodles in Beihai. 

Thei menu!

Cutie waiting for his food

So here it is!

It's beef, mushrooms, cabbage, egg, some kind of been sprouts and some kind of sour veggie I don't like. But the best thing is the broth. It's SOOO good! I will continue to come back to this place every time I visit Beihai for these noodles!

After our noodles we went to RT-Mart to find some shoes for Hua! And yes, he meant to buy kinky shoes :) 

Picking them out carefully haha :)

He ended up buying the green ones, and we had a laugh each day after because of the shoes. A wonderful buy!! :D

We went to a cafe that's almost next to his father's house. And now I really started to feel the sunburn. So here you have a very displeased me. 

Got yummy mango and strawberry smoothies, but it didn't help the pain !

And here I am. All red. I have never ever been this sunburned in my life, and I have REALLY learnt my lesson. Kids, remember sunblock!! I couldn't sleep comfortably for days, and it hurt to wear anything on my shoulders. I was feeling so miserable :( Thank god for aftersun!! 

And that's it for this post! See you in the next one :)


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