First day in Beihai

So, our first day in Beihai! We've waited so long for this. We had no idea that we would be back so soon, and our trip was actually planned only a couple of months before we left. But when we finally woke up in Lao Lin's house it felt like we never even went home last year!

The view from the terrasse at the top floor. Weather looked kind of gloomy, but that's actually the weather we prefer here! Cloudy, but still very hot!

We went out for lunch at a place called He An with his dad, uncle and cousin. It's one of my favorite places to eat in Beihai!

Hua and our ride, Anyway! :)

So He An is quite a fun place. They have so many different foods displayed, then you walk around and choose the ones you want sent to your table. And it's really cheap too! 

Cold dishes like veggies, chicken feet, cow belly and so on.

You can get noodles, soup, fried rice and much more.

They have a place for drinks too! All kinds of fruit juice, crushed ice and ice tea!

So here's what we ordered! Spring rolls.

Pork feet and cow belly (not really my kind of food xD)


Spiy noodles with beef

Curry udon with beef

One of the things I will NEVER eat. A salad with some kind of worm. I don't know what it's called, but it seems to be very popular in the Guangxi province.

Spicy veggies and pork intestines (again, I don't think I'll ever eat intestines)

Purple buns

It was yummy! And it was nice to spend some time with more of Hua's family :) His uncle went to the city where he works the same day, so it was great having a chance to meet him! His uncle only sees his family every six months because he works in a different city than his family. It must be tough :(

After eating Hua and I drove around the city for a bit. Took a picture of the big supermarket RT-Mart where we do most of our grocery shopping. It's actually a Taiwanese store, but it's going very well for them here!

Hello ! :D

A random street in Beihai

After that we went to get something cold and we cam across Lemon Workshop, which later turned out to become my favorite shop in Beihai!

Their logo and some of their menu

Cutie :)

We ended up buying crushed ice. Hua got the blueberry one. Really yummy!!

And I got the most delicious crushed ice I have EVER tasted. Oh my god this is soooooo delicious. It's mango crushed ice with coconut milk. and this is a match made in heaven! I don't have a number on how many of these I got while we were in Beihai! :D

Went home after that to relax. We had dinner together again in the evening, and then not much really happened. A quiet evening :)

See you in the next post :D


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