Going to Guangzhou

So the week in Taiwan was over, but our trip definitely wasn't! Next stop: Guangzhou!

So we left our hostel in the morning and took the bus to the airport. Breakfast on the bus!

We bought some bread in 7-11. It tastes very different from the bread you can get in DK, but it's a good different!

Hua bought Mexican chocolate cake

We bought some Hokkaido bread.
And I bought the European chocolate cake. We are such healthy people eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

Arrived at the airport! Found out we were flying at 12:45 instead of 13:35 as I thought I had read in my mail. Oooops.... Luckily we were still in time for the flight!

In the airport there's a Hello Kitty check in counter! There's a Hello Kitty flight by Eva Air, and they have this special check in counter. So cute! I think it flies between Japan and Taiwan, but I'm not sure :)

There was this big green relaxing area in the airport. Thought it was pretty cool!

Hua being relaxed haha

I still had some Taiwan dollars left, so decided to buy something to drink. 

Bought a passionfruit smoothie. But it was really just passionfruit juice xD

Our flight!

Arrived in Hong Kong airport where we had to transfer to get to Guangzhou. Riding the fancy trains between the two terminals.

Bought this very kinky watermelon drink. Thought it would be very yummy, but it tasted so synthetic ! Not good :/

Riding fancy cars across the border where we had to take the bus to Guangzhou.

Filling out our immigration forms.

And on this picture you can see my sunburned thigh xD

After crossing the border we arrived at the bus terminal. I took at least 30 minutes to cross the border, and they checked our passports twice! 

Aw so sweet :) 

And me! Everybody was wearing a sticker telling which destination we were going to so it's easier for the staff to put us into the busses. But it was actually a big chaos regardless! 

Well, we got on board and on our way! But we didn't get to sit together because the bus was full :( And I had a headache, so the bus ride felt a lot longer than the two hours it actually took.

After a taxi ride after the bus we finally arrived at the hotel. We stayed at the 7 Days Inn which is located different places around China. It was very cheap and very clean! We liked it a lot. Paid 160 DKK per night here!! :O 

A big comfy bed ! Very important!

And for some reason I also took a picture of the shower. Oh well .

The logo! :)

Went around the area to find some dinner and came across a small shop where we had noodles.

Mini sodas !

We both had the same dish. Beef noodles yum yum!

To my surprise this was actually owned by muslims. Chinese muslims! Never really thought about it, but Hua told me there's actually over 50 million muslims in China, mainly in the Western China. Had no idea!

Bought some beer to drink in our room, Guangzhou beer! :)

This day was nothing special. Was just super tired because of the long transit day!

See you in the next post ! :)


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