Beihai, here we come!

This will be a short one! This day we spent most of our time in a bus on our way to Beihai - the city where Hua's dad lives and where Hua lived most of his childhood. His mom also stays here a couple of months every year since she's going there to take care of her parents who also lives in Beihai ! 

My cutie on the bus

Oh this lovely man of mine!! 

And also a picture of me.

I was kind of excited to ride this bus since it's different from the usual ones!
Everyone gets a 'bed' instead of a seat. SO NICE!! I slept around 4 hours out of the 8 hours the trip took. 4 hours of napping yay!

It was actually rather comfortable, but of course not near the comfort of a real bed. Plus there was only single beds, so we couldn't cuddle on the bus D:

Ready for a nap!!

We arrived in Beihai safe and sound and took a scooter taxi to his fathers house :)
Hua's uncle and cousin was also there, so we had dinner together and went to night market real quick.

A picture of our bed. We stay at the top floor in the house :)

I didn't take that many pictures this day since I was tired from napping too much!! xD 

See you in the next post!!


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