Another day in Guangzhou - Heavy rain, food and some shopping

Our second day in Guangzhou! This day was for some more business, and that was actually our main purpose for going there at all. But it's still in the works, so stay tuned :)

While we were at the first meeting it started to rain. We were lucky enough to avoid getting soaked though! And we have actually been that our whole trip. We're actually in Asia in the rain season, but for some reason it almost never rains while we are outside!

Took some pictures from the restaurant where we had late breakfast.

Crazy rain! 

After we ate we went to our second meeting that day, and after that we went to the area around Beijing Lu/ Beijing Road for some more food and shopping! :)

Lots of different donuts! Didn't feel like trying any though.

At this time we were getting hungry again! So we found a Japanese restaurant omnomnom.

Hua looking at the menu :) :*

And me looking tired! :p

They had a lot of things to choose from! They had sushi, ramen, udon, tempura, curries and more!
Hua ended up eating the 'Udon from hell' (if I remember correctly. It was something like that xD)

And I ordered curry! Unfortunately it was not that good :/ There was not near enough carrots or potatoes and the meat was almost only veins and fat :( Such a shame since I was really looking forward to eat it! But I got a free miso soup on the side, which was really yummy!

We also ordered some really delicious gyoza! 5 was not enough at all!

And of course (for me) the mandatory edamame beans. All this food + drinks was only 110 danish kroner. SO CHEAP!! I love China for having so delicious and cheap food!

After we finished eating we walked around and I did some shopping. Didn't buy that much though since we were getting tired at this point, and the mall we were walking around in had SO many small shops just crammed up besides each other.

Took some pictures of some shops :)

Kinky shoes ! 

We walked outthe mall and went to Beijing road where they were showing what the ground looked like back in the former dynasties in China. It was really impressive and amazing to see!

Just imagine how many people have walked across this road several 100 years ago. 

Walking a bit further we came across this. They are selling some of the world's most expensive coffee, the musk cat coffee.

So to make this coffee they feed the cat coffee beans and then when the cat has to use the cat's room (AKA poop)  they collect it and make coffee beans out of it. Do you feel like tasting it? I don't xD

Went back to our room after shopping. Camwhored a bit before going out to buy some dinner.

We decided to just bring the food back to our hotel room and eat there while watching TV and drinking some beer. Good times! :)

Bought some noodles and fried rice.

That's it for this time. See you in the next post! :)


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