Was SHINee's Lucifer plagiarized?

I found out about this like 10 minutes ago.

Apparently some Croation singer released a track on January 4th, that resembles SHINee's Lucifer SO FREAKING MUCH!

Here are the tracks for comparizon:

First our lovely SHINee <3<3 :

And then her :

And it's not just small parts of the song, it's almost everything. Hmm.. Well, if she has the rights to the song, I guess everything is ok, but for now I'm a bit mad about all this -.- Poor SHINee <3<3<3

Well, it's actually not the first time xD Last year there was a group, that copied Ring Ding Dong.

So I get it, SHINee is very popular, but still, please don't steal their music -.- goshh...


  1. i know the boyband below they dont even have the talent to compete with shinee sigh ,

  2. I know right? When I saw it for the first time, I seriously thought it was a bad parody or a joke -.-


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