Shoes and shadows

As I said, I was out shopping with Lina this Saturday ^^

And here's what I got.

First up, I bought a pair of sandals. I know it's really early, but I jus couldn't resist, when I tried these on, and they will look perfect with my flowery onepieces.

But usually I never buy things this ahead of the season. But I've also seen another pair, that I just need xD lol

I also got this:

And guess what. I got 75% off! So in the end I only had to pay 50 DKK for it. 50 DKK for 120 eyeshadows? How can I not buy it?? lol <3
When my mom saw, that I've bought this she said: "Zarah, you should become a hairdresser or make up artist", lol. Maybe mom? :p <3

And Lina and I FINALLY got to exchange X'mas presents ! And she got me this :

AND she made it herself !! I like it so much <3 But yeah, basically I like everything with Key on it <3 LOL xD (Not that I don't like the present itself, of course)
This is perfect for my little table underneath my mirror. I'll use it to put my Key's in it. (Hehehe I made a pun)

Okay, that's it ! AND I'm going to do more outfit posts from now. It feels like I haven't done any since FOREVER !

C' ya <3<3


  1. Thanks for an Amazing wonderful day <3

  2. I've been looking at those shoes as well...
    HOLY MOLY! Where did you get that palette? D:

  3. I absolutely LOVE those shoes ! :D


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