A day with Lii-chan +Things for Dahye ~

I went shopping with my sweet friend Lina yesterday, and I also found some stuff for my swap with Dahye ^^

Here are the things I bought for her:

1. Hello Kitty hand mirror
2. Eyeshadow palette
3. Lipgloss
4. Hair clips
5. Ribbon earrings
6. Make-up brushes
7. Phonestrap

I'm still going to buy more things, but I won't show them, 'cause I want Dahye to be surprised too :D But that was a sneak-peak for you ^^ <3

Here's a picture of cute Lii-chan <3

As I said, we went shopping. I bought a Japanese learning book, a pair of sandals and some make-up. I'll show you in my next post.

We also went to Sunset to get some food! xD <3

Love Zarah ~


  1. oh my god!! zarah they are so cute! and the brushes, the EARRINGS!! om they are all super duper kawaii!! im getting make up for you too ! ^^ stay tuuuned! XD <3 <3

  2. omg I'm sooo happy you like it, really ! :D make me happy <3<3


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