Looking for my own place

Yeah, I'm currently looking for my own place !! :D
When Astrid gets home in June, we're going to move in together! Yaay!

I've reached the point, where I just need to get my own place. I enjoy spending time with my family, no doubt about that, but I need to be able to do whatever I want, without complaints from my parents.

Like, stay up really late, sleep untill noon, make a big mess, spend my money on whatever I want, sit in front of the computer all day, make my own food and so on.

And after a while, I'll probably get tired of this lifestyle, and just live normally again wtf xD

But well, it's actually a lot of fun to look at apartments ^^ I've found some pretty awesome ones, but they are over our budget T-T

And here are a few pictures from Saturday, when I went to Sam's Bar with Christi XD Didn't get to take many pictures though :/

I look really stupid though xD In alll the pictures, where I actually look okay, one of my eyelashes is falling off in the inner corner, fml -.- Why did no one tell me ?


  1. yaaay a new place! if ure already fixed with the new appartment post some pictures XD


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