Keep Your Head Down

nfjrhfuirehils !!! Waaah I love this so much!!!!!

To be honest, I wasn't really excited about JYJ's music that much. I still love all 5 of the members from TVXQ, and I'm still waiting for their comeback, but music-wise, I think this song pwns everything JYJ have done. Sorry guys -.-

AND I'm really excited about the live version too! Can't wait to hear Changmin's epic screams again xD lol

Ah~ it's so nice that these two are making a comeback, since SHINee probably won't be making something new, before their Japanese debut in March (which I'm suuuuper excited about btw. Surprise much?? lol xD)

Oh oh, btw SHINee was featured on French TV!! :D How cool is that??

But there's one MAJOR fail in the video of course. The caption at 3:40 says it Minho speaking, but it's KEY!! Damn you French people xD sorry joking.

And I'm waiting for a lot of SHINee goods ! :D Again, I've been ordering too much, wtf xD But I can't resist !!

I will be making a 'SHINee collection' post soon too. And then I should make another one like, a couple of months later, when I have sooo much more SHINee stuff, that I probably won't have room for it anywhere fml -.-

Fandom is doing weird things to me, lol xD


  1. OMG COOOL xD TVXQ still rocks ;W; I miss them together but OMG I love the effects in the video *fangirlfangirl*

    and more OMG to shinee! xD They are going to be famous in EU too?! 8D That would be so damn AWESOME! <3<3<3


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