My 2010

Yeah, a lot of people have done something like this, and I've thought about it for the last month actually , lol xD

So here it is, a list of my most memorable moments of 2010 ~

- I graduated High School
I'm so glad I graduated high school. It was 3 years, filled with fun moments and experiences, but it wasn't all positive. High school is definately not a piece of cake xD

- I became a fan of SHINee and a part of the SHINee World <3
Yes, I put this here, because it's very important to me! I'm so happy that I started to like SHINee. No, not like. LOVE! <3 :D

- I got a lot closer to my best friend Astrid
Words can't express what you mean to me sweetie <3 I love you!

- I met Sakina, my other best friend
The same goes for you darling <3 I love you!

- I met many boys, that I thought I liked, that I kindda liked, and so on, but none of them turned out to be, what I wanted, so 2010 was another year with no boyfriends xD
I think I just need to go to Japan or Korea and find a boyfriend there. It would be so much easier, instead of looking for the perfect Asian guy here in Denmark, LOL xD

So yeah, that was some of the most memorable events in 2010 ! Haha. Well, I have no regrets, and I will do my best for 2011 too!


  1. lol i agree about the boy part! lets find a bf in asia! get korean bf ..and i will get japanese bf! and we go on double date <3

  2. ooooh I would love that! let's make it one of our new year resolutions :p haha. it will be one of our goals, when I come to visit you xD <3

  3. yesh! hihi lets fight for it! <3 <3

  4. Awww~~ <3 I'm sure you'll find your special someone! :3

  5. can I join you guys? xD <3

  6. Haha please do Maria !! xD <3
    And thanks sweet Lii-chan <3

    And Dahye, you know I love the virtual high fives, lol xD <3


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