Upcoming - Diamond Lash Review

Yeah, I've wanted to do this for a while, so now I'm going to ^^
I'll make a video review in a couple of days, but I'll have time to do a review here on my blog, for you dear readers :3

So please look forward to it ~

Also, a new video, with subs, on SHINee's solo concerts in Japan and Korea was uploaded today ^^

Oooh they are just so AMAZING <3 Seriously, everything about them is just perfect !!! Gooooood, SHINee I LOVE YOU !! XD (Oh how I love being a fangirl, LOL)

It's my mom's b-day tomorrow ^^ I really hope she will like the present Hannah and I got for her! >.< But I'm sure she will though. She said she wanted one xD Haha.

Okay, just wanted to do a short update ~

Bye <3


  1. omg i can't wait btw which one is better dolly wink or diamond lash cos im thinking of getting them here in korea


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