Diamond Lash - 'Celeb Eye' Review

SO here it is ! My first eyelash review on this blog ^^

I received my first packages of Diamond Lashes a couple of weeks ago, one of them being Celeb Eye from their Power Series.

NOTE: *Please click the pictures for full size*

First some info:

There are 5 pairs in each package for around 20$, including shipping which is great, and it's around the same price as 1 pack of Dolly Wink lashes, which contains 2 pairs, each package. I got mine from www.ichibankao.com, which has a big selection of Japanese eyelashes and make-up. They are located in Japan, so everything is shipped from there as well.

Here's a before and after picture:

Please click picture for full size

The look you attain is definately glamorous, and they are perfect for parties.
The quality of the lashes is pretty good. The lashband is soft, so the lashes are really easy to handle and put on.
BUT, please do be careful, when you take them out their original packaging, because they are fragile, and if you pull too hard, the lashes might be misplaced on the lashband, and might not be useable.

Comparison with Dolly Wink no. 2

A lot of people have noticed that Celeb Eye and Dolly Wink no. 2 are quite similar, and I must agree.

Dolly Wink on top, Diamond Lash on the bottom

Even though the do look alike, there are definately differences. Dolly Wink lashes are longer, and also more natural looking. I do think that, Dolly Wink is better quality wise, but the only thing Diamond Lashes are lacking here, is that they look more fake, on pictures with flash, because they shine more that Dolly Wink.

Over-all I'm really happy with these lashes. They are really pretty, and a great deal for the price. I'm definately going to try more lashes from Diamond Lashes, since they have a big selection of lashes and something for almost every taste and occassion!


So please comment and tell me, what you thougt of this ^^ Is there anything missing ? Every comment will be appreciated !

xx Zarah <3


  1. I thought it was cool :D you make me wanna buy fake lashes xD

  2. oooh really?? :D yaay nice to knoow ^^ then GO BUY THEM !!! XD lol <3

  3. they are nice =), do you wear fake eyelashes everyday?

  4. Great! Nice post, thankyou so much for sharing<3


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