Hello ~

First up, I really love this song! It's a great duet :3

I really like BoA's hairstyle in this video! She looks really good :3

I was in school all day and I forgot my cardigan there! I was so sure that I brought it with me, but somehow I lost it. (>.<)I really hope it's there tomorrow :( I just bought it 2 months ago (>.<")

Right now I'm working on my music homework. I suck at it xD Haha.. Well, I guess it's okay :3

I tried to record "It's all love" for Kyoku project today, but it sounded awfull, so I decided to do it another day :p But I got to record Kiss no Ryuusei for Iro Kokoro project, so it shuold be out on YT soon :3

Oh, and I think I'll start to do 'Daily Outfit' posts here. I'll get my sister to take the pictures for me ^^~

This was just a quick update! Sorry for the boring post this time.

See ya~


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