Hello everyone~

Are you enjoying winter?

Yesterday my friend and I finally received our clothes from yesstyle! Yaay~ ^^
But we haven't seen it yet -.- Because when my friend got home from school, the post office had already closed, so her mother picks it up today! And I will get my clothes tomorrow! I can't wait ~

As a new thing, I think I will start putting up some downloads on my blog!
I will start with Perfume since they are one of my absolute favorite groups, and because I have all their music. And I also think that I will put up Hello Project downloads in the end. We'll see ^^

Oh, and did you see that Tsuji Nozomi colored her hair? She got highlights in it, but to be honest I liked her old haircolor better. Here's a before and after picture:

The quality in the after picture isn't that good, so when she posts some better pictures, I will try and post it too ^^

~ Zarah ~


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