~ Arrival of Tsuji-chan ~

Hello ~

Today when I got home from school something very nice was there, waiting for me!

Here it is:

And inside this package, this was what I found:

And then, finally here it is:

Tsuji Nozomi <3

My Tsuji Nozomi phone strap! (^_^) <3 It's so cute! It looks like her right? ^^~
I'm so happy for this, and it's one of the best things I've bought lately!
I bought it through strapya.com , and they have so many cute phone straps!

I also bought another thing today, and that is:

A new pair of fake eyelashes! These are the ones I like the best!
I had these before as well, but they got glue all over them, so it was time to throw them out. So now I bought a new pair! ^^~

Bye ^^



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