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Lately I've started shopping online (I know, newbie) and I keep finding amazing offers! My latest online purchases were 2 tops from yesstyle and my very beloved Tsuji Nozomi phonestrap <3

Now I'm looking at false eyelashes and circle lenses!
I use false eyelashes very often, but I've never tried circle lenses before. Here are some of the pairs I'm thinking about buying:

(Just click the pictures to make them bigger)

Which color do you like the best? I really like the effect it gives when you wear them, and I really want to try it out! These are all the Barbie Eye lenses, and a little expensive >.< They are around $46 a pair >_<"

And then the lashes I'm thinking of buying are these:

It's 40 pairs of eyelashes, 4 different pairs for a VERY reasonable price, and that is..... $1.00 !! Can you believe it? Probably not, so the link is right here.
Well, the shipping is around $6, but that's like nothing compared to what lashes cost here! And it comes without glue, but yoy can buy that on eBay as well, just like these lashes :3

And last a question for everyone. Hair extensions or not? I actually want to try it out, since I used to have really long hair before, but then I cut it to my shoulders (because it was very unhealthy), but now I miss it. So hair extensions, yes or no?

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  1. Hi miss,
    I am kevin from DBeautyshop.com
    We would likes to sponsor you the circle lenses to make the live review video to us.
    How you thinks for it?
    Please drop us an email to sales@dbeautyshop.com if you are interest.
    TQ ^^

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