Hello ~

First up, my next download post will be Perfume's single 'love the world'. It will be up right after this!

Now for some updates.
First update, Tsuji Nozomi got a new haircut again!

It's a lot shorter now, and it makes her look more mature I think, but still very cute. Also, I think she dyed it again, but I can't really tell because of the light in the picture ^^

Then, there's a new theme on pupe, Amusement park. Some of the items are cute, but I don't like all of it -.-

H!P : Morning Musume's 42nd single will soon be released! It's titled 'Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai', and it's an upbeat song ^^ I'm really looking forward to the PV, mainly because the costumes look amazing!



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