Tsuji Nozomis' 23rd Birthday ~


Today, June 17th s Tsuj Nozomis' 23rd birthday! :3
She's my all time favorite idol, so I thought I had to do a post about it ^^ Haha..

For everyone who doesn't know Tsuji-chan, she's a former member of Morning Musume and other groups under Hello! Project. She was also in the popular duo W with Kago Ai, and also in Minimoni. She officially graduated from Hello! Project in 2009 with the rest of Elder Club.


Now she is a TV personality and idol. She has published 3 books about her daly life as a wife and mother. She is also the designer of childrenss clothing brand Boys and Ribbon, and she has also been in many TV commercials. She is also known for her gyaru style and look, and she was announced 'Gal og the Year' in Popteen Magazine (alongsde some other gals, includng Tsubasa) in 2009.

She's married to Ultraman Taiyou Sugiura and together they have a daughter called Noa. They are now expecting their 2nd child.

She's my favorite idol because of her funny and cute personality. I'm also a big fan of her fashion, and to me she lives the perfect life :3

Tsuji Nozomi Happy Birthday!!

Tsuji Nozomi Official Blog
Tsuji Nozomi on hellproject.com


  1. she was ugly when she was young, i'm glad she looks better now

  2. I didn't know she was so close in age to me! She's so cute now :D

  3. @Ken Yeah she's a lot prettier now xD

    @Keiko , yeah she's the cutest!!!


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