I'm working my butt off these days -.- I'm so tired zZz..
I'm working 8 days in a row, 8-9 hours each day. Except Saturday and Sunday though..

But putting that aside, I'm watching Eclipse tomorrow with my sister and my mom. We totally love the Twilight series :D I'm ooking forward to it!

And I'm home alone from Friday until the 14th. Maximum relaxation! Also, I'm done with my application for the university. Let's see how it goes!! But if I don't get in I have a plan :) I'll make a full post about that another day!

Last but not least, Manga recommendation!! Kimi ni Todoke.


It's your typical romance, shoujo manga, but much better !!

Read it here at onemanga


  1. kimi ni Todoke is totally love love love~ but I bit looong.. you waaaait a lot for the climax! >U< but totally cute~~ How far are you?

  2. I'm only at chapter 06 right now -.-


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