Chai Gyaru give away + more~


I'm just doing a quick post since I should be working on my exam tomorrow -.-

I just wanted to announce that Chai Gyaru is having a give-away on her blog.
The things you get is a pair of circle lenses and 20 pairs of eyelashes!
I'm so going to try out the pink lenses if I win this (which I reeeally hope to do).

Check out the contest here

Another thing is that I've started to catch up with my Japanese studying. I haven't really been studying it since March, so it's so nice to be at it again! :3 PLUS I soon have to send in my application for the university! It's so exciting :D

I promise to be back with a proper post soon!



  1. u love korean stuff don't you?! =]

  2. Actually I just love gyaru style a lot ^^ I already have 4 pairs of lenses :3
    And the of course I love K-pop ^^

  3. I can first send my application when I have my exam results ^^ . I get a reply at July 30th after that!


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