Magazine review #01: Ray July 2010 Issue


So here's my first magazine review!

I will see how you responds to this, and if I think it's succesfull, I will do more!
Please enjoy :3

The cover looks really cute, and it's very summer related since the model is wearing a bikini top and shorts. She's also wearing the scarf-ribbon in her hair, which has become a huge trend throughout Asia.

They display some really cute clothes, and one thing that caught my eyes was this T-shirt guide:

T-shirts are great for summer, and they can look good with both skirts, jeans or short.

There's also an article and a tiny photoshoot with ARASHI. So if you are an ARASHI fan, you should check it out.

As in all fashion magazines at the moment, there are also A LOT of bikinis.
They display many different kinds of bikinis'. They have the marine ones, simple black and white ones, checked ones, some with flower prints and much more!

The yukatas' has also started appearing, but no wonder since it is soon time for all the summer festivals. They have some very cute ones!

There's also a small photoshoot with the lovely Nishino Kana, and I got happily surprised when I saw this (yes, I'm a big Nishino Kana fan). She looks absolutely wonderful in the pictures!

As an unusual thing for a magazine they have an 'I Love Korea' special.
It actually looks really cool, and there are some info about Korean food, culture, idols and more.

Besides all these things, you get your typical gal fashion magazine. They have all the trends that are in at the moment: denim, usamimi, scarfs as ribbons, frilly skirts, maxi dresses, jumpsuits and more.

They also have make-up and hair tutorials, which are also always in Japanese popular magazines these days.

Ray magazine is not as over the top with hair and make up as, for example egg magazine or Popteen, and I definetely think it relates more to the average fashion-lover than to the extreme gyarus'. It's definetely a great magazine, and I can get a lot of inspiration from this :)


  1. Awww I thought when you wrote review you would translate some of the pages LOL! x3 <3 but LOVE LOVE the bikinis I want one ;U; <3

  2. haha no, then I would have written something like 'magazine translation' xD
    basically this will be a quick review to tell what's in the magazine, so that people who wants to read new magazines can get an idea of it ^^
    and if you want the whole magazine I'll give you a link :3


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