Maxi + mini = nice match?

I bought a maxi dress today. I really love this trend, but I'm kindda short, so I hope it will work out!

Do you like maxi dresses?

I also bought some other stuff, I'll post pictures ASAP!


  1. I really like the maxi trend.. A few years ago, Nicole Richie seemed to be all about the maxi, but no one else liked it?! haha..
    And about being short, I think, if you pair it with something with heels it can elongate your body, rather than shortening it... ^_^; You should try it out, and see what works ^^

  2. love maxi dresses, it makes girls look so hot!

  3. Mikan: I tried it on with some heels, and it looks really cool :D

    Ken: cool to know :3 I don't think that many guys feel that way ^^


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