2 Different Tears

I love the Wonder Girls! :D And I love singing/dubbing songs.

My sister and I decided to record 2 Different Tears and put it on my Youtube channel, but I had to remove it due to copyright -.- daamn..

So I decided to post it here :p Hope you'll like it :3 My sister is the first one singing, I'm the second (figures..) ^^~


  1. LOL I think Anders told me aboout them once~~~ xDD

    Sorry I was at my friend so couldn't answer you! T_T but of course I waant to make one for you~~ ^^ just E-mail me theen~~ actually I have learned some new tricks since last time! >3 and figured out that I have to make the designs in Explorer... or else they might f*ck up.. LOL and Thank you for the magazine link~~ <'3 ^^

  2. zarah u have a cute voice~


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